Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring Assessing the operational reliability of rotating power transmission machines

  • Bearing housing-Bearings, shafts, houses
  • Gearboxes - gears, bearings, houses
  • Ventilation units, compressors, electric motors and other devices

Time records

  • Analysis of non-periodical events
  • CTA analysis of gears
  • Measure and analyze the machine run up - to detect unsuitable operating speeds

Thermo vision measurements

  • The quality of electrical connections - the technical condition of the electrical installation
  • Assessment of thermal insulation of buildings, search for thermal bridges
  • Detection of thermal energy leakage from technologies
  • Detection of the position of hot-water pipes in the floor, wall

Analysis of custom frame frequencies

Frame reinforcement - Modal analysis

Balancing and optical alignment
Balancing without dismantling the device.


  • agricultural machinery
  • fans
  • separators

Optical alignment of

Optical measurement and alignment (coherence, straightness, flatness, perpendicularity, parallelism, ...)

  • Clutch
  • Pulleys
  • Rollers
Optical alignment of

Grease analysis

Grease analysis
  • elaboration of lubrication plans, tribotechnical calculations, optimization of the friction regime – recommendations
  • analyzes of plastic lubricants and oils, analysis of particles content
  • Complex solutions of machine nodes in terms of tribotechnica
  • Fast analysis of Fe particles content directly on operation

Research, development and consultancy

Research and development

  • Customization of measuring methods
  • Development of measurement systems for permanent and step-by-step measurements
  • Programming of measuring applications for customer needs in LAB VIEW environment

Consultancy and supervision of bearing installation

  • Reviews of roller bearing housing
  • Analyzes of rolling bearings after accident (visual inspection, chemical analysis of bearing material, metallographic analysis of bearing components
  • Identification of causes of low life of bearings, premature failure and accident of rolling bearings
  • Complex bearings solutions from design to implementation
Research, development and consultancy

Online system
We will help you manage, track and analyze your machines online.

Condition monitoring by handheld devices is often not enough. A typical walk-through measurement, even repeated, is too short and does not capture all the events that can happen during machine operation. Long-term time trends are important for proper operational judgment. Additionally, the development of an error may be very rapid, and occasional manual measurements need not point to possible problems.

Online data


Data history

Follow-up of failure development
Reversibility analysis possible

Online system

View in charts

Logical and transparent view
Editing option, export of data
Alarm function

Mobile customization

Available always and everywhere
Compatible with ANDROID +IOS

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Increase the life and reliability of machines, reduce unplanned machine downtime

Monitoring of your machines online

Based on our many years of experience, we have developed a dedicated online system. It is designed for permanent monitoring of mechanical vibrations and rolling bearing condition.

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The main activity of the company Technical Diagnostics spol. s r.o., Prešov is the assessment of the state of the machinery and devices. The result of the machine evaluation is the identification of problem nodes and the recommendation of a solution to improve the operation.